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A Practical Guide to Surviving Climate Change

Climate Change is here and we all need to deal with it.  "CODE RED: A Practical Guide to Surviving Climate Change" is a useful film that presents practical tools and strategies for individuals, communities, and societies to confront the impacts of climate change. 

Coping with Extreme Heat

Extreme heat poses health risks and can strain energy resources. To survive heatwaves, it's essential to stay hydrated, seek shade, and avoid strenuous activities during peak heat hours. Ensuring access to cooling centers and providing assistance to vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and children, can be life-saving during extreme heat events.

Preparing for Major Storms

Major storms, like hurricanes and cyclones, can bring devastating impacts, including flooding and property damage. Surviving these events requires preparation and early warning systems. Developing emergency plans, having emergency kits ready, and understanding evacuation routes are vital. Communities can also invest in resilient infrastructure to reduce the damage caused by storm surges and flooding.

Prepare for Food Scarcity

Diversify diet: Introducing alternative protein sources, such as insects and plant-based proteins.  Stock up on basic food supplies.  Create a vertical garden in your home.

Create a Survival Kit

Assemble a survival kit: Pack non-perishables, water, flashlights, and first aid.

Storm-proof your home: Install storm shutters and reinforcing roofs.
Stay informed: Monitor weather channels and apps.
Protect important documents: Waterproof important papers and creating digital backups.

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